Marine contractor :


Seaways Marine is a leading marine contractor. We have agreements with the best workshops who are specialized in the following.
- Deck Repairs (Chipping, Welding, and Tank Cleaning ….Etc) .
- Engine Repair & Cleaning .
- Electricity repair (Motors Rewinding, Generators Repairs … Etc) .
- Diving business including ( underwater welding, Painting and Inspecting) .
- Fire Fighting & detection systems annual inspection .
- Renewal Certificates .
- Garbage & Sludge Disposal with Certificate .
- Safety Equipments Inspection & Maintenance (Life Boat & Life Raft Annual Inspection with Class Approved Certificates .

We transports, installs and removes all types of vsl’s include fixed structures, complex infrastructures and floating facilities, in shallow water, deepwater and ultra deepwater.
Also we facilitate, arrange and fasten ships entrance to any shipyard for requested repairs (case needed) ensuring performing the requested construction at the fastest time possible with the heist quality
We have a track record of delivering consistently exceptional results in:
- Docks and piers .
- Boat ramps .
- Floating dock systems .
- Rip rap revetments .
- Bulkheads .
- Marinas .
- Pile driving.
- Deck repairs .
- Salvage work .
- Welding .
- Bridge construction/rehabilitation .
- Hydraulic/mechanical dredging .
- Pile Foundations .
- Engine Repairs .

Other Activites:


Port Calls

  • Abu Kir
  • Abu Zenima
  • Adabiya
  • Ain Sukhna
  • Alexandria
  • Damietta
  • El Dekheila
  • Port Said
  • Ras Gharib
  • Ras Shukheir
  • Ras Sudr
  • Safaga
  • Sidi Kerir
  • Sokhna Port
  • Suez
  • Suez Canal Transit
  • Wadi Feiran



Shipping Agency

Suez Canal Transit Agent
Spare Parts Handling
Crew Change


Ship services

Under water ship servicing
General maintenance and repairs
Engine room cleaning
Garbage skips and collection
Technical services
Sludge collection
Deck and Engine Stores
Pest control and fumigation
Crane and paint raft hire
Ships repairs

Seaways Marine Services Egypt , Ships agent in Suez canal And All Egyptian Ports.

attending container vessels, cruise vessels, bulk carriers, tankers, reefer vessels, or general cargo ships calling at Egyptian ports. effecting crew changes and their repatriation, ship's spares delivery, supply provisions, repairs, & underwater services, bunker supply, technical assistance & dry docking ships for any type and size.
our services scope ports of port said , alexandria , suez and red sea ports , Damietta besides attending to suez canal passage.